About us

Onega Consulting is a strategic risk advisory firm. We advise our clients during the different stages of their business to help them make strategic and informed decisions to protect their financial interest and shareholders.

We work with our clients to design appropriate strategies and help them reduce risk associated with operations such as acquisitions, doing business with third parties, entering new markets or internal conflicts. We also support our clients during any litigation that they might be involved in.

Our expertise lies with the broad experience of our team, which has worked on a wide range of projects during their professional careers and has experience in multijurisdictional investigations, asset searches, international arbitration, unfair competition disputes, internal corporate investigations and reputational due diligences, among others. Our team has worked across different sectors including banking, telecommunications, textile, energy, retail and oil, for clients based in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

We offer our clients a global service through our trusted partner firms that are regional specialists in risk management services in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.